A few words about us...

The idea of constructing exclusive audio furniture was born over ten years ago. In Poland, at that time, it was hard to buy high quality furniture dedicated to audio gear. Those that were available, did not fulfill our expectations and demands. So we decided to design and manufacture such products for our own needs. However, it quickly turned out, that many of our acquaintances, being also enthusiasts of good sound, wanted to have such furniture in their own systems … and so it started.


The passion and desire to fulfill our own demands turned into a company named Audio Philar.


In time, the numbers of interested people grew, so the amount of customers increased steadily. Most of them wanted to have furniture designed based on their special orders, made from highest quality materials, often not the standard ones. To satisfy this demand, and to be able to match the needs of the clients, the catalog of Audio Philar grew very quickly. Currently we have six lines of audio racks, two anti-vibration platforms and three models of loudspeaker stands. Our offering is supplemented with CD racks.


The Audio Philar products stand out with highest quality materials. We use granite and steel elements in satin chrome color. Wooden elements are finished with natural, exotic wood veneers and glossy varnish. Production and montage are almost completely manual. This makes each of our products become a ‘one of a kind’ item. The basic purpose of the Audio Philar furniture is very important for us, the products are based on construction details, which have a positive influence on sound. Vibration is minimized by appropriate weight, special choice of construction materials and design based on spikes, which convert kinetic energy into warmth. Perfectionism is also a very important part of the Audio Philar philosophy. Quality control is conducted on every step of the production sequence.


We pay a lot of attention to the looks of our products, their distinctive design. One of our priorities is the satisfaction of the customer also in this aspect. We think that one of the key purposes of Audio Philar furniture is to adorn the room they are placed in. Of course, positive influence on your audio gear is equally important.


A very big asset of Audio Philar products is the possibility of personalization; each of them can be made to individual demand, in any size you desire. We offer materials adjusted to the looks of the listening room. Our clients can count on every help possible in designing the furniture. We also offer professional consultations about choosing the right construction solutions and adapting them to individual needs.

How do we do it?

The choice of
the product

The first step is to select a certain product and one of the possible models

the size

Depending on the needs, the amount and the kind of audio gear owned, the client can configure the needed size of the furniture

Project /

In case needed, we make a 3D visualization of a given furniture, so that the client can assess if the chosen solution fits his or hers requirements

Choice of 

Our clients can count on individual selection of finishing materials, being exotic wood natural veneers and varnishes of various structures and colors

in 3-5 weeks

This is the time for us to make your furniture. The length of this timeframe depends on the complication and size of the order

Delivery /

Our products are delivered by a courier service, appropriately secured in wooden boxes. On request we can also mount them at your home

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